Workspace Discovery

Knowledge is indeed power, so for the most powerful positive impact on your organisation through the reimagining of its workspaces, it’s important to glean the necessary knowledge – by conducting a detailed discovery phase.
workplace discovery

First things first

As the initial step in our workspace discovery, we perform a desk-based review, to identify visual communication, workspace collaboration and print assets, and understand the cost and contract terms that apply to them. We also request information including the quantities and locations of paper-based files, current travel expenditure, and external agency print spend, usage and requirement – as well as a floor plan, to give us a clear idea of how the business currently organises itself within its space.

A physical audit then enables us to put what we’ve learned from the desk exercise in context, and see the existing physical workspace technologies in action, for a greater depth of understanding.


Ask the right questions, get valuable answers

We then perform a consultation process with a number of stakeholders across the organisation. Our colleague questionnaire is tailored according to the knowledge gathered to date, and is designed to both inform and re-affirm the key focus areas identified in the workspace assessment, as well as to shed light on any additional considerations that may only be obvious to the staff who encounter those challenges on a day-to-day basis. We also run an assessment session with managers one tier down from the leaders who were part of the initial workplace assessment process, to confirm alignment between their views, and perhaps reveal additional considerations.

Start saving money and time, now

As part of the workspace discovery process, we also implement any ‘quick wins’ that were proposed and agreed during the workspace assessment – to enable the organisation to immediately start controlling costs, reducing complexity and risk, and increasing productivity.

The upshot of all this investigative work is a detailed ‘on the ground’ view of the current key challenges within the organisation, and a clear idea of the direction that the workspace development process will take.

To find out more about our workspace discovery process – and how reimagining your connected workspace might support your specific business objectives – start a conversation with our team.


Discovery and understanding

Taking its lead from the workspace assessment, this stage of our consulting process typically takes up to four weeks, and pins down a thorough and granular understanding of the status quo. To do this, we work with a variety of different stakeholders within the organisation, to gain a clear picture of how current systems and tools work ‘on the ground’, and gather all the necessary detail to inform the planning of the new connected workspace solution.

Future Thinking

Hear from the experts who are helping to shape the future of the workspace.

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