Workspace Development

For connected workspaces to perform at their best, the integration of the physical and the virtual has to be seamless. And for this to happen, you need business analysts, spatial design professionals and tech whizzes to collaborate seamlessly, too.

Workspace Development

Mapping the route, as well as the destination

Not only does a full and detailed blueprint for the future solution need to be imagined, but a roadmap for getting there will have to be devised too. Transformative change in large and complex organisations does not happen overnight, and must involve a multifaceted management process to ensure that the new processes and technology are adopted wholesale, with as little interruption to core business activities as possible.

Creating the optimal tech-enabled workspace solution

As an agnostic solutions provider with in-house software development capability, we’re ideally placed to maximise the positive impact of workspace technologies through tailoring and bespoke elements. Our tech expertise sits across three broad categories: audio-visual communication, workspace collaboration and augmented print and workflow. We also work with design experts to ensure that an organisation’s physical environments, in which our technology is used, support the digital processes fully, to provide a cohesive experience for staff and customers alike.

All this expertise, supported by our rigorous consulting process, enables us to provide our clients with a realistic view of what they might achieve in the short, medium and long term, and how we would go about delivering this.


A roadmap to better business outcomes

At the end of the workspace development stage, we make a proposal based on all the knowledge gleaned throughout the consulting process, and illustrate the project and change management support options and how they might work. If a transition to a fully managed service is preferred, we would also include details about how the transition to this model would occur over a period of time, as the existing myriad contracts in place came to a close one by one – naturally, this would be clearly defined in a road map, and include time-based costs and benefit release.

Every business is different, so every effective connected workplace solution must be different, too. Get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail with one of our consultants, and find out the scope for your organisation to improve productivity while reducing complexity and cost.


Building alliances

An alliance of top-of-their-game specialists is the only way to conceive an optimal, integrated solution which supports the broader strategic landscape of the business in question, and creates a tech-enabled environment that enables better productivity, efficiency and – ultimately – profitability.

Our workspace development process brings together such a team, to detail the journey and the destination – and ultimately achieve the goal of an objective-supporting, cost-controlling and productivity-increasing connected workspace.

Future Thinking

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