Workspace Assessment

For a connected workspace in which the tangible and the virtual combine seamlessly, to transform people’s experiences and unlock profitability potential, context is everything. We need to get under the skin of the business in question.
workspace assessment

Knowledge is power

This assessment phase is designed to help us build up a high-level picture of the current operating environment, identify where the key challenges might be, and also understand any in-progress changes to the business that might have an impact on its workspace needs. These could include organisational changes, such as a proper remote or flexible working policy that is about to be implemented, or a function might be outsourced rather than being performed in-house; technology changes, such as a new cloud-based workflow system or a switch to different productivity software; or real estate changes, perhaps there’s an appetite to reduce or realign the space currently occupied.

Honing requirements, setting objectives

The workspace assessment phase is used to pin down the organisation’s broad needs and all surrounding considerations, so that the direction of the discovery and development processes can be as focused and efficient as possible – thus laying the groundwork for the most efficient and effective end solution, in the most efficient and effective way.

This exercise can also help us to identify any ‘quick wins’ that can save businesses both money and time – while improving productivity and security, and reducing complexity and risk – in the short term.


Pinning down the potential of a connected workspace

The outcome of our workspace evaluation session (or sessions) is a report which not only outlines our findings regarding the business’s current circumstances, but identifies the main areas of focus for any subsequent workspace transformation journey – as well as any quick-fix solutions that could be implemented in the short term. Clients also receive a costed proposal for our workspace discovery and development phase, to inform their next-steps decision-making.

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Starting your digital transformation

We kick off this process with an initial workspace assessment, which takes the form of a structured workshop with senior leaders within the organisation – typically, this would include HR, IT, Operations, and FM – to review the organisational landscape and the technology that supports it. Depending on the size and scope of the organisation and the intended project, there might be specialist follow-up sessions required, to ensure that all bases have been covered.

Future Thinking

Hear from the experts who are helping to shape the future of the workspace.

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