Virtual Workspace Transformation Office

Creating tech-enabled environments, in which people have the freedom to focus on their objectives, free from niggles and distractions, is what we do best.
Virtual Workspace Transformation

Specialist expertise to meet a specific brief

There will be times when specific workspace tech expertise is required, but our full holistic digital transformation service isn’t called for – perhaps there’s been recent investment in a workspace technology solution that hasn’t quite lived up to expectations, or maybe a second opinion is called for on a proposed digital transformation.

Access high-level knowledge, without a high-level salary

Many organisations that have a need for an experienced workspace transformation officer either won’t need this function five days a week, or won’t need one for any extended length of time. For this reason we offer a ‘virtual WTO’ service, whereby organisations can hire in the expertise they need to help make strategic decisions relating to workspace projects, get a second opinion on an existing implementation, or perform any troubleshooting required on existing solutions when challenges arise.

A scalable resource, for actionable insight

Our virtual workspace transformation officer service is also the perfect resource to draw upon when either the economic landscape or operating conditions shift – our knowledgeable experts can help to re-evaluate systems to ensure they function optimally and fully support any strategic changes that might be made. For example, they can offer advice when shifting from an office-based norm to a dispersed workforce (or vice versa), or during the set-up, mobilisation and governance of a workspace transformation initiative.

If you would like to find out more about our virtual WTO service, and how we partner with our clients to problem-solve their workspace challenges and maximise business potential, contact our team today.


Delivering the connected workspace

Our integrated end-to-end service delivers connected workspaces in which people, devices and data interact seamlessly and securely, to ensure better business outcomes – better agility, better productivity, better profitability. But not every organisation is in a position to engage us to build their integrated physical and digital workspaces from the ground up.

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