Workspace Transformation & Professional Services

Today’s workspaces are a world away from the workplaces of even just a decade ago. Even the notion of a ‘workplace’ doesn’t really fit with today’s connected world – in modern life, the lines have blurred. Now, we can shop while on the train, surf social media while waiting in a queue, or bank while we’re sitting in a café. Work isn’t being done in one designated place, either.
Workspace Transformation & Professional Services

What We Offer

We look at the bigger picture

But how can we go about achieving that kind of seamless workspace experience? Optimising both physical and digital workspaces requires a new outlook and process, also.

To permit tech-enabled workspaces to function in the most efficient and effective way, ensuring a seamless experience for the human beings that use them, they have to be tailored to specific business circumstances and requirements. That’s where our transformation offering comes in.

Workspace Transformation and Professional Services
Workspace Transformation and Professional Services

Workspaces, not workplaces

Therefore, we now think about workspaces, rather than workplaces – without making the distinction, finding the ideal, integrated, technical solution for improving productivity, reducing complexity and risk, and controlling costs, becomes impossible. The focus of any transformation process needs to look beyond an organisation’s own locations, and include both the physical and virtual worlds.

It’s critical that people experience the same ease and functionality whether they’re at HQ, working from home, or in a regional office. In the 21st century, thanks to cutting-edge tech, the workspace can quite literally be anywhere – and there should be no compromises on functionality as a result of location choice.

Holistic outlook, integrated transformation solutions

Our end-to-end service takes a holistic view of your organisation, its assets, its people, and its objectives, and makes the most effective, efficient and objective-supporting workspace solution happen. With this full-service option, we perform a concise workspace assessment, which then informs a more in-depth workspace discovery period, before the workspace development phase leads to a detailed blueprint and road map.

We offer continued support through the delivery process, and work with you through into implementation and training. Additionally, our fully-managed workspace tech service ensures your systems don’t just work perfectly for your business when they’re first adopted, but will continue to do so optimally, even when business needs shift – through continuous improvement based on dependable data, supported by our expertise.

Workspace Transformation and Professional Services
Workspace Transformation and Professional Services

Bolt-on expertise: what you need, when you need it

Naturally, not every organisation is in need of a fully integrated workspace transformation service, and often there’s a need for discrete elements of the process – maybe an expert second opinion is all that’s required, or trouble-shooting expertise, or specialist knowledge to upgrade just one element of a company’s workspace technology solution. We can help here, too – what we do is scalable and flexible, ensuring the best possible value for our clients, providing exactly the scope of service and expertise that is required.

To talk to us about how we might help you reimagine your workspaces effectively – for improved business efficiency, agility, resilience and sustainability – get in touch with our team today.

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