Workspace Control Apps

With technology so embedded in our personal lives – from central heating controls operated via smartphones, to wearable fitness trackers, and video doorbells which live-stream to our devices – employees are more au fait with its use and benefits than ever before. Additionally, the number of digital natives within our workforces is growing, and will only continue to do so. A tech-enabled workspace is not just the future, it’s key to success in the present.
Workspace Control Apps

The freedom to focus on what matters

In our connected workspaces, employees are able to focus on their role’s objectives, without having to deal with the challenges of juggling various apps and tools, and without wasting time on solving technical issues caused by incompatible or outdated applications. With the freedom to put work first comes better productivity, and with better productivity comes better business performance.

Streamline workflows, boost collaboration

A host of customisable apps offers users the chance to take control of their physical and virtual workspace, and navigate their working day easily and seamlessly. From diary management to remote print services, conference room and car park space bookings to cross-media comms, our technology puts all this practical functionality at the fingertips of staff – literally, as they can use their personal smartphones for a no-touch way to interact with the system via a single app.

Quick, effective internal communications

Whether your workforce is dispersed across the globe, or simply in different parts of a building, you can communicate almost instantaneously with them (either as a whole, as a pre-defined group, or within a specific geo-location) through our cloud-based messaging platform. This ensures the best possible reach for all internal communications, whether scheduled or reactive, in the shortest possible timescale.

Reduce costs; improve agility, productivity and security

With our unique workspace-as-a-service model, you can match spend to business requirement – flexibly. With cost and functionality more closely matched to your business needs, value is increased as well as efficiency and productivity. And that’s not all. Our systems optimally support security and data protection compliance, too, as well as improving employees’ working day, contributing towards staff retention.

Talk to us about how we can tailor our integrated, people-centric workplace control apps to your specific business needs.

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