Virtual Collaboration Spaces

Continuity has become a key consideration throughout the education system, and also within business-specific learning environments. Technology has held the key to ensuring that students can learn and be supported, wherever they may be. The advent of the virtual collaboration spaces have revolutionised how companies and educational institutions deliver their training and qualification programmes, and not only ensures that crisis events don’t have to mean disruption, but opens up a whole new realm of remote-learning possibilities.
Virtual Collaboration Spaces

Remote learning

Staff no longer have to take long trips and incur significant costs to join company training sessions; learners who are unable to attend in person, for whatever reason, get the same quality of experience as those actually in the room. Not only can organisations cut their training-related travel, accommodation and subsistence costs, but institutions can offer their education to a much broader market – one no longer constrained by geography.

An optimal learning experience, wherever you are

Our virtual collaboration spaces are designed to ensure an optimal experience for both remote and in-person attendees, and enable the tutor or trainer to engage with everyone seamlessly and simultaneously within a live environment. High-definition, bi-directional AV communication, interactive whiteboards, and presentation monitors with content sharing encourage interaction between all participants and the tutor.

Like being in the room – immersive, engaging, collaborative

Those accessing a virtual collaboration space session remotely not only have their own physical presence in the room, with an assigned seat and video feed (ensuring visual cues can be seen by the instructor), but through an interactive UI they can choose their own unique-perspective camera, or any one of the other multiple camera views. Directional audio also helps those in the room have authentic, natural conversations with their remote counterparts.

Next-level remote meetings

Of course, the applications for this technology don’t start and end with education or training. The same features which ensure such a superb blended learning environment also means that the virtual classroom is perfect as a collaboration room. Effective meetings can be held with colleagues across the globe, with all the benefits of having gathered in the same room (without the associated costs of such travel).

Our turnkey service includes room design, installation, integration, testing and training – every step needed to get from the decision to harness the benefits of an integrated virtual learning environment to reaping the rewards of a purpose-designed, secure, and easy-to-use virtual collaboration space.

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