Room & Desk Booking

Squeezing maximum efficiency out of any resource is a wise business decision, and when the resource in question is a physical workspace (given the high cost of real estate in strategic locations), it’s particularly critical. Nobody wants to be paying for fallow space.
Room & Desk Booking

Get best budgetary value with data-driven decisions

There’s no resource (and therefore cost) control without visibility, so getting a handle on how your organisation utilises its bookable resources is essential to optimising the value of your expenditure.

Our intuitive, multi-lingual booking systems not only make it easy for staff to reserve desks, meeting rooms and other co-working spaces, but they offer invaluable data capture. You can see the real-time occupancy of all bookable areas at any moment, plus our intelligent analytics help you decide whether your available space tallies up with the business need or whether economies can be made (or even if expansion may be required). With the right metrics at your fingertips, you can be confident that your real estate spend will always be spot on.


Streamline processes with intelligent automation

Naturally, it’s not just the benefit of direct cost efficiencies through space maximisation to consider. By simplifying how staff negotiate the day to day, time lost to practicalities can be minimised, and productivity elevated (while also reducing the stress and frustration caused by clunky, complex processes and outdated tech). Our hands-free technology also pays greater consideration to safety, a must in the 21st century workspace, thanks to smartphone-operated interaction, badge scanning, and voice activation.

Tech-integrated workplaces for agility, efficiency and productivity

With one integrated platform, users can find suitable bookable workspaces within seconds from any chosen device; seamless integration with Polycom, Cisco, Skype, Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, Office 365 and Google Suite ensures maximum versatility and ease across a wide range of mobiles, laptops and in-office screens. At the same time, staff can quickly and easily arrange their video and audio requirements, request catering for meetings, and add guest details where appropriate, for the ultimate in efficient use of time – and freedom to focus on what’s really important.

Get in touch today to find out how to reduce the complexity of your booking systems, and free your people to do what they do best – unhindered.

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