Occupancy Management

There are plenty of reasons to gather intelligence about the number, distribution and movement of people within an organisation’s estate, and they’re all pretty significant.They can also be boiled down to one simple fact: solid data informs better decision-making. And better decision-making ensures a stronger, more efficient, more profitable business – so accurate, reliable data on your operation is a no-brainer, if you’re looking to compete, thrive, and expand.
Occupancy Management

For better business decisions, choose better visibility

Our occupancy management system gathers real-time data for a detailed understanding of when, where, and how many people use your facilities – with sensors to help manage shared seating areas (feeding data into our booking system for accurate real-time availability), as well as to identify which areas are under-used.

Identify scope for efficiencies, and control costs

With the right metrics, you can figure out why certain parts of your building’s layout aren’t working optimally (for example, maybe a hotdesk is avoided because it’s near a noisy, high traffic area, or right under a chilly air-con vent), and solve the problem. It’s also possible to identify popular arrival times, reveal how busy common areas are at certain times of the day, and get a full picture of user capacity, to inform measures that might need to be implemented for social distancing purposes.

Dependable data at your fingertips also means you can accurately match available space to demand, ensuring that you’re not paying for a more expensive lease than is necessary – with real estate at a premium, this simple adjustment can make a huge difference to your organisation’s bottom line. Compliance, too, becomes easier, and is de-risked by the presence of accurate data.


Reduce wasted time, increase productivity and creativity

It’s well-known that deep thought is key to creativity, and that when focus is broken, the quality and quantity of work can be compromised. Our occupancy management solution helps cut out the day-to-day annoyances that can compromise optimal business activity.

A carefully designed network of digital signage throughout a location loops people in on the system’s intelligence, instantaneously updating staff, and enabling them to move through the physical workspace with the benefit of digital insight. Interruptions are avoided through status indications on non-bookable areas – such as private booths, pod offices, and collaboration areas – not just at the site itself, but on the interactive 3D maps used throughout.

Harness the power of technology to connect your workforce, and transform your business – contact us today, and start a conversation about how we can help you get a handle on costs with dependable, accurate data to underpin informed decision-making.

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