AV Design & Integration

In this digital age the experiential possibilities of AV are almost boundless – with the right solutions, the transformative power of audiovisual installations can positively impact people, productivity and performance in a variety of ways. But it’s not simply about specifying the right products; maximising the power of AV is all in the careful choreography of a system’s design and integration.
AV Design & Integration

AV experts for projects of all sizes

Whether we’re creating an AV design for a boardroom or a large auditorium or lecture theatre, a reception area, training or meeting room, retail environment or even a command and control room, we apply the same rigorous procedures and in-depth expertise to achieve the optimal end result. Both simple installations and complex, large-scale projects get the same close attention to detail by our in-house team, and the same considered planning and design process, including drawings in CAD or Visio wherever required.

Project management specialists

As AV projects get more complex, and the number of specialists involved in the design and installation process increases, the job of our project manager becomes even more pivotal. Our AV project managers are expert planners and superb coordinators, taking full responsibility for delivering on time, on budget, and on brief – and they also act as the point of contact for everyone involved in the job, client-side or in-house, for the smoothest-running process and fastest resolution of any challenges which may arise.

First-rate technical build

Our in-house rack build team ensure that excellence is built into our AV installations from the outset. Although usually hidden away out of sight on completion, the quality of the rack build sets the tone for the quality of the solution; even one mislabelled cable can result in difficulty with fault-finding and unnecessary downtime in the event of a failure. Our experienced technicians follow rigorous procedures – including off-site testing – in order to make sure performance is optimal from the outset, and continues to be maintained over time.

Installation that is second to none

The quality of our service flows through from design and initial rack build to installation; our friendly team, coordinated by a dedicated project manager, is well-used to liaising with trades and other third parties on site (including architects, consultants, and main contractors) for the smoothest and most efficient process. In addition, our in-house programming team boasts many years of experience and ensures that post-installation the user interface is intuitive and easy to use, while our handover process ensures that the AV solution is set up optimally, and the client’s technical team has all they need to help end users make the most of their new technology.

Learn About Our AV Support Service

Explore tailored on-site maintenance agreements that safeguard your facilities based on specific solution complexities and usage demands.

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