Workspace Collaboration Solutions

Working in partnership to provide bespoke technology and processes for your business and customers, to share ideas and collaborate effectively together.
Workspace Collaboration Solutions

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Meeting employee expectations

Employee expectations for workspace technology are rapidly advancing. Today’s workforce expects to walk into any boardroom, huddle space or meeting area and be able to present information and interact with people as easily and instinctively as they do with their smartphones. Additionally, employees are continuously frustrated with inefficient, disorganised and inadequate meeting room booking processes which waste time and hinder productivity. Whatever your working environment, ensure your employees, visitors and customers are benefitting from collaborative workspace tools.

Workspace Collaboration Solutions
Workspace Collaboration Solutions

Seamlessly integrated visual solutions with print and document management systems

At Aura, we listen, advise & collaborate to provide workspace solutions bespoke to your company’s needs. We ensure that all technology in your meeting rooms, office space, and communal areas is optimised effectively so that employees can work, present and collaborate seamlessly straight away. By integrating your print infrastructure and document management systems across your workspace, minimal time will be lost travelling and accessing the content you need.

Multi-faceted wireless communication and collaboration tools

Wireless technology that connects swiftly, has reduced latency, and allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time is the future of flexible working. By integrating multi-faceted communication and collaboration tools that work across multiple locations and smart devices, employees and end-users will benefit from highly streamlined and efficient working practices, ultimately increasing productivity, customer experience and employee satisfaction.

Workspace Collaboration Solutions
Workspace Collaboration Solutions

Seamlessly managed workspaces for a more efficient working environment

At Aura, our booking systems ensure that users find workspaces to suit their needs within seconds, creating a more agile work environment and efficient use of time. Double bookings, meeting crossovers and unused meeting rooms will be a thing of the past, allowing you to effectively manage occupancy levels, meet additional cleaning and sanitisation requirements, and provide safe spaces for your employees and visitors to work.

Highly effective space utilisation enabling employees to self-manage their workspaces

Providing employees with the ability to self-manage their workspaces, choosing where and when they want to work, builds trust and respect within an organisation. However, to manage space effectively, businesses must have the right tools in place to do so. By making use of collaborative tools, intelligent room booking systems and advanced visual solutions, you can give your employees the platform they need to succeed within your business.

Workspace Collaboration Solutions

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