Of any sector, perhaps transport and logistics has seen – and will continue to see – some of the most dramatic changes and challenges in recent times.

COVID all but removed revenue streams from public transport networks overnight and simultaneously increased demand for last-mile delivery services, while over a longer period of time rising fuel costs and the cost of regulatory changes have been affecting fleets of all kinds. Brexit, too, has provided challenges for logistics firms operating internationally.

transport digital workplace solutions

Driving change, facilitating growth and profitability

Although the specific solution will look radically different depending on the part of the sector in question, technology has given companies a way to be more agile and resilient in this challenging climate. Digital transformation has enabled logistics firms to solve problems including asset under-utilization, supply chain efficiency, and connectivity across devices and systems.

Transport networks have revolutionized the way they communicate with and sell to their customers, including their ticketing systems – but the scope for cutting-edge tech to have a wider impact across the business is huge. Waste can be reduced to a bare minimum, and both resource and time efficiency increased significantly (with the potential for continuous improvement based on data, too), creating a stable basis for growth.

transport digital workplace solutions
transport digital workplace solutions

Future-proofing through better agility and resilience

As well as specifying integrated systems that ensure efficiency, superior customer experience, better security, and cost control can be achieved on the road (or rail, or at sea, or in the air), organisations can save time and money in their fixed physical locations – whether in the back office, at a depot, or in a retail environment.

Exemplary tech-enabled environments ensure a seamless, more positive experience for all stakeholders, facilitating better communication and collaboration. They enable staff to hone in on what’s important, rather than spend time carrying out repetitive tasks. It’s not just productivity that will receive a boost, too, but resource efficiency and cost control can be improved through innovations such as managed print, workflow software, document scanning and storage, AV and conferencing solutions, and internal communications messaging.

Reduce risk and cost, while unlocking business potential

Additionally, with complexity reduced and instances of human error diminished through the automation of suitable tasks, everyday risks can be mitigated, and their impact on the business’s bottom line reduced. Security, too, is bolstered, with stronger data protection and better control over its access.

When the right elements are brought together in an integrated technology solution, great things happen. Superfluous complexity is stripped away, risks are mitigated, and resource wastage cut to a minimum, allowing budgets and efforts to be focused on achieving business objectives. It’s no surprise that this unlocks business potential and improves competitiveness – even in a challenging marketplace. An investment in the right tech is an investment in the future.

transport digital workplace solutions

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