Sports and Stadia

Digital technology had a huge impact across the sports industry over the past decade, driving both better athlete performance and fan engagement. Tech has enabled insight from pause-and-replay video to be utilised in both training sessions and fixtures, and has brought a myriad of other benefits to all aspects of the operations, from back office operations to online booking engines, supporter communications and merchandise stores, and even directly streamed pay-per-view matches – with the new revenue streams that offers.
sports and stadia digital workplace solutions

Unlocking opportunities for growth

The sports industry in particular has seen rapid upheaval in recent times, as digital innovation has offered opportunities to gain an edge over other teams – if you’re not innovating you’re standing still, and will be overtaken. That’s not really an option in a sector where competition literally lies at the heart of operations.

With the advent of cloud technology, the streaming of matches to direct to fans’ devices is now possible (bypassing traditional media channels and opening up direct revenue stream possibilities), while social media has enhanced engagement with the supporter community, existing and new. With the monetisation of global audiences made possible through the power of online, extra revenue can be generated to invest in better facilities and more high-class talent.

sports and stadia digital workplace solutions
sports and stadia digital workplace solutions

Retail experiences that lead the field

Traditional revenue-generating activities such as merchandise retail have now become distinctly non-traditional. With the integration of physical and digital retail spaces, shoppers’ omnichannel experiences are enhanced, and expectations of convenience and personalisation can be met. Personalised digital advertising, click and collect kiosks, and digital ‘try before you buy’ all help enrich consumer touchpoints with the brand.

This new way of thinking follows through into in-person experiences at matches and meetings, too. Fans demand exclusive, immersive and shareable encounters when they visit the home of their sport or team, perhaps given a digital edge with augmented or virtual reality, or picture opportunities with athletes. The hospitality offering, too, can be elevated with the right technology, and deliver on rising expectations for an increasingly demanding and sophisticated audience.

Staying ahead of the game

At the top-flight levels of professional sport, even the smallest incremental improvements in technique or tactics can make the difference between winning or losing. Training grounds and stadiums equipped with cutting-edge AV technology, to capture play from every angle, offer the opportunity for coaches to fine-tune their team’s performance through on-screen analysis. Additionally, match officials can use these systems to ensure judgements are accurate and fair, while in the event of an injury, medical teams can review the exact circumstances that led to the athlete being hurt, for better health outcomes.

It’s no secret that having the best training, the best facilities, and the best atmosphere, plays a significant part in taking a sports team to the top, and keeping them there.

sports and stadia digital workplace solutions

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