Innovative retail experiences by Aura

Aura has a proven track record of working with leading retail brands, outlining the art of the possible and supporting next-level design innovation, delivering meaningful and engaging hyperphysical customer experiences that drives demand.


Aura support us on a number of projects where they supply and install part of our regular shopfits.

“They have also helped us to develop new concepts where both technology and architecture need to come together seamlessly to create the required aesthetic. The team respond quickly to our ongoing varied requests with great customer support to ourselves and our shopfit teams.”

Estee Lauder

Aura Retail Survey 2024

Download the report here and discover the trends and future for retail

    retail survey report 2024

    Our approach is consultative and tech-agnostic, with maximum ROI and shared objectives – as a true partner, our end-to-end service is outcome-orientated, with a dual focus on easing our client’s pain points and boosting business revenue.

    Pioneering concepts that retail demands

    With global capability, an ESG-friendly offering, and a choice of financial models for maximum flexibility, Aura delivers the pioneering concepts that retail brands demand and the commercial acumen they need.

    They are reliable and when I contact them for new projects, they are good at suggesting things.

    “They are flexible.

    They send me things within budget and within the resolutions. They send options that are different than what we want and show us what we need, They suggest more technology than I could think of.”

    MAC Cosmetics

    Join us at the Royal Opera House for our retail event 2024

    Aura will be hosting a follow-up to our ‘Does retail need therapy?’ event in London this October 2024 at the Royal Opera House.

    Royal Opera House

    Aura Futures

    Visual communication solutions for Retail

    retail digital solutions
    Communicating effectively with internal and external audiences is the cornerstone of success for any organisation, but particularly those in the retail sector. Aura’s visual communications offering delivers outcomes that facilitate better business performance, from supporting community building and encouraging the right culture to enable optimal customer service and driving more sales.

    Our visual communications solutions are designed and built to meet organisational needs, improve stakeholders’ experiences, and support various other objectives. Our ongoing support ensures these efficiency, productivity and agility gains remain meaningful even as the business context and requirements evolve.


    The tech-enabled retail space

    A complete portfolio to elevate user experiences

    Integration of workspace environments is key to achieving business goals. Alongside our Visual Communication portfolio, Aura also provides Collaboration, Print and Workflow Management solutions to elevate all types of workspace, from retail stores to back offices, to new heights…


    Improve workplace collaboration and engagement with our dynamic digital solutions, transforming how your team communicates and connects.


    Working in partnership to provide bespoke technology and processes for your business and customers, to share ideas and collaborate effectively together.

    Workflow &
    Print Management

    Innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge digital technologies to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

    The Royal Opera House

    Discover how we transformed the Royal Opera House

    Learn how Aura created stunning front of house digital displays at the Royal Opera House, and delivered integrated content management service for maximum impact and ease.