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With the Fourth Industrial Revolution changing the way we live, work and relate to each other, the knowledge professions are evolving.

The impact that digital disruption has on other sectors affects professional services firms through their clients; they must keep up to remain relevant, adapting their offerings accordingly. But this isn’t simply an onerous task that they’re forced to go through to keep in the game. It’s got so much more scope than that.

professional services digital workplace solutions

Future growth, future profitability

Professional services has perhaps reached a tipping point, as leading-edge technologies cause disruption that fundamentally changes the industry’s. On the whole, the sector is seen as already being a digital leader, as firms are well-used to adapting to client needs. But there is a significant difference between buying in to the discrete possibilities that tech solutions offer, and the sort of digital maturity that comes with a holistic approach.

Digital transformation – with the right choice of integrated, cutting-edge solutions – creates competitive advantage by better meeting client expectations, improves agility and resilience to better withstand fluctuations in the business climate, and raises levels of productivity and efficiency. It can even do all this while simultaneously cutting costs and reducing risk. Ultimately, it enables sustainable growth and higher profitability.

professional services digital workplace solutions
professional services digital workplace solutions

Taking a holistic view for maximum ROI

Connecting people, devices and data across an operation requires a holistic view – where procurement occurs in silos, investment may be piecemeal, and the true power of digital is hampered. Connected workspaces facilitate frictionless working, freeing people to focus on what really matters and unlocking profitability potential.

Workflows can be streamlined for efficiency and productivity, with paper-based processes made faster and more secure by digitisation. By printing less, it’s possible to do more – and of course this approach cuts down the cost of consumables such as paper and ink, as well as saving time. The sharing of information and ideas is also a prime consideration: from employee communications apps to collaborative tools, it’s key to both effective teamwork and the nurturing of a positive culture.

Future-proof your business by securing the best talent

Alongside efficiency and productivity, employee experience is another key driver for digital transformation. In any business which relies heavily on the quality of its workforce to remain competitive, there must be an emphasis on attracting and retaining the best talent. With the number of digital natives in the professional services workforce increasing, it follows that firms need to align employees’ work experience of technology with the easy use of tech they experience in their everyday lives.

The potential for connected workspaces to serve a dispersed workforce is also important. The ability to work remotely not only appeals to employees in terms of flexibility, but also means that recruits can be chosen on merit, rather than on their willingness to live within commuting distance of a given location.

professional services digital workplace solutions

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