The legal sector has been under considerable pressure since the 2008 financial crisis; we have seen revenues squeezed ever since, through a pervading client mood of cost-conscious caution (understandably, given the significant impact of that economic downturn across the business landscape).

The Coronavirus pandemic added another layer of complexity for firms. The challenge in 2020 was how to rethink how their organisations operated, to maintain business continuity in virtual workspaces, now that they couldn’t rely on physical ones.

legal digital workplace solutions

New thinking for new challenges

For some years an emerging model of legal service delivery companies working in an agile, tech-enabled way, with a new kind of pricing structure, and an emphasis on efficiency and client convenience, had offered competition. So even before COVID, well-established law firms were having to look towards the future with innovation as a priority.

As a document-heavy profession, with processes that followed this need for hard copy, and in-person collaboration central to many a company culture, the legal sector had to pivot more than most to continue operations during lockdowns. And once in this brave new world, the benefits of digital transformation became clearer – having to adopt new practices meant everyone could be more certain that it could make law firms stronger, better, and more competitive.

legal digital workplace solutions
legal digital workplace solutions

Embracing technology for competitive advantage

Having been forced to find new ways of working, firms found that leveraging the latest technology not only resulted in a more agile, resilient business model, but that a connected workforce not only results in better productivity and quality of work, but it improves the client experience, too.

Post-COVID, these lessons will not be forgotten – with proof that there are viable options when it comes to virtual as well as physical workspaces, firms will have the freedom to make strategic decisions about their estates. They can make informed choices that best suit not only their business objectives, but their partners’ and staff’s preferred way of working. And the latter matters; it’s about attracting and retaining the very best talent, to safeguard the future profitability of the organisation and promote its growth.

Better client experience, better productivity, better profitability

Critically, tech improves client convenience. With paperless processes enabling partners to be more self-sufficient, there’s no delay while their executive PA fulfils his or her duties, while (secure) remote access means that nobody is constrained by office hours – essential, given client expectation in the always-on world we now live in.

In fact, many processes and workflows can be expedited with the right technology solutions. E-sign can speed up the completion of all sorts of tasks, collaboration tech smooths the way for staff to work together wherever they are, while the holy grail of any document-reliant business – a system where indexing can be done quickly and easily, and documents then called up again using a search facility – can be facilitated with robotic process automation (RPA) and the right secure cloud storage solution.

legal digital workplace solutions
legal digital workplace solutions

Impress with a frictionless, 21st century client experience

Well-used to intuitive applications that work on any device, today’s client expects that both in-person and digital touchpoints are frictionless and efficient. The right solutions – from slick wayfinding technology to cutting-edge AV installations in reception – ensure a seamless synergy between physical and virtual spaces, and fulfil if not exceed expectations.

It’s not just about the individual tech solutions themselves, either, but the way in which they integrate together to securely connect people, devices and data across all aspects of operations, de-risking on a number of levels, as well as delivering tangible benefits to the bottom line. Our integrated, transformative approach to this sort of transformation, which includes continuous improvement based on dependable data, represents a considered way to get ahead of the competition, and stay ahead.

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