Internal Communications Messaging

In a world where agility is increasingly required to navigate a shifting economic landscape, internal comms also has to improve its speed and responsiveness, as well as its reach and efficacy. Our messaging service enables real-time communication with staff through a dedicated app on their mobile devices, connecting people with the timely information they need to do their jobs in an optimal way, as well as ensuring employees feel well-informed and engaged.
Internal Communications Messaging

Maximise knowledge and engagement

From cross-business announcements for general awareness – perhaps about new incentives and benefits, new offering launches, business performance statistics, or even crisis and continuity communications – to targeted information specific to a particular team, department or location, our flexible internal communications messaging system can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. This way, the flow of information can be carefully directed to enhance the organisation’s efficiency, productivity, and agility, as well as enrich each employee’s experience of being part of it.

Simple, intuitive app functionality

The simplicity of the mobile messaging app makes it easy for employees to stay connected with their organisation and its advancement, while the visual nature of the push notifications helps ensure habitual use of the app, for maximum engagement and understanding. The fact that they may also be sent time-critical information that benefits them (for example, they may discover a particular office location is closed that day), also helps to ensure that messages are read promptly.

Targeted and effective internal communications

Users can be grouped by department, location, and other categories, so that communications may be sent to exactly the right recipients, reducing the ‘spam’ of irrelevant messaging, which might otherwise reduce employees’ engagement. The system can also be configured to push messaging out to the company’s signage displays, as well as individuals’ personal or business devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Our messaging system can be set up so that messages are either push-only, or allow recipients to respond through the app – enabling organisations to tailor the tool to their internal communications strategy, as well as the size of its comms administration resource.

To find out more about how our messaging functionality can help you deliver your internal communications strategy, for the best possible employee engagement and performance, speak to our connected workspace experts today.

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