Intelligent Displays

For efficient and flexible mass communication across all your geographic locations, there’s no better medium than our intelligent digital display system. At the press of a button, you can update the messaging on every screen to suit your needs, and bring everybody at each site into the loop on the latest information relevant to them – whether you want to convey important safety procedures, give instructions on the day’s programme of events, or simply let people know the cafeteria’s daily menu.
Intelligent Displays

Tech-enabled environments support next-level digital strategy

As well as improving business efficiency and agility through their use as internal communications tools, our intelligent display systems are ideal for customer-facing content. Whether you’re looking to play company videos or promotional PowerPoint presentations, or simply brand a TV channel with a wrapped template, this kind of screen is ideal for reception and other public areas – plus it’s got innumerable possibilities for retail point-of-sale, for an immersive brand experience.

Easy-to-use, flexible tools for on-site digital communications

Our intelligent screens and digital signage are controlled by a simple CMS, with a variety of flexible layout options, which makes it easy to create on-brand displays. Through this intuitive user interface – which offers varying levels of access and user permissions, so it can be appropriately controlled by a range of media owners – it’s possible to schedule, manage, and track all content, so there is always complete visibility of what’s being published on each device, at each location.

Reduce cost and complexity, increase effectiveness

By replacing traditional print media, such as posters, display boards and other signage, both time and money can be saved. There’s no waiting around for printers to deliver the product (no print costs either), while the logistical challenge of installation is no longer relevant (which of course also means reduced costs in terms of man hours and travel expenses) – messaging can be updated as soon as it has been created, and instantly issued to any location around the world.

Thanks to its versatility, our intelligent display system can be designed to support your digital communications strategy perfectly, contact us today to find out how we can make this happen.

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