If there’s one sector which has been most impacted by COVID in recent times – perhaps equalled only by travel – it’s this one. But the right tech offers the potential to propel the industry into a better future.

With restaurant gatherings off the menu, events of all sizes cancelled, and hotel stays only for key workers during lockdown and higher tier regulations, the events and hospitality industry saw its revenue stream disappear pretty much overnight.

hospitality digital workplace solutions

Tech transforms the guest experience

The bounce-back could be a golden opportunity for the digital transformation of these businesses, revolutionising efficiency for better profitability and resilience, while keeping the customer at the heart of innovation.

There’s currently a step-change between people’s experience of technology in their daily lives, and the way they experience it in the context of hospitality and events – they can watch a film on their phone on the way home, and on arrival seamlessly switch to watching on their TV. Whereas this connectivity isn’t (yet) the norm when delegates arrive at a conference, or guests check in at their hotel, wouldn’t it be fantastic if people could experience the same level of synergy between the real and virtual worlds as they can at home?

hospitality digital workplace solutions
hospitality digital workplace solutions

Raise your game with the right digital solutions

Our agnostic solutions can incorporate this kind of frictionless technology into the guest experience, delivering greater ease, enjoyment, and ultimately satisfaction. There’s huge to revolutionise everything from marketing (VR ads to chatbot services) to check-in (staffless lobbies and keyless entry), to entertainment (streaming services that enable guests to use their own existing accounts).

The hospitality and events sector has held personalisation as the key to exceeding guest expectations, and by adopting the very latest technology it’s possible to take this to the next level – without reducing margins in this already under-pressure industry. ‘Smart’ rooms where guests can tailor the temperature and lighting to their preference can easily offered, while more sophisticated options can be added to the online booking of guest experiences.

Exceed expectations while controlling costs

Tech-enabled environments can also transform behind-the-scenes operations, for better internal communications, more efficient processes, and a reduction in the likelihood of mistakes being made. Of course, this all feeds back into providing a better guest experience (which means better online reviews and reputation), as well as creating a more harmonious and productive workplace for staff.

Using the appropriate technology, traditional pinch-points can be eased – a classic example is the communication between the kitchen and front-of-house staff, which can result in problems around special dietary requirements, specific requests, or food arrival efficiency. The right digital solution for conveying orders, and signalling that food is ready at the pass, can ensure greater accuracy and ease for the staff, and a customer experience that not just satisfies but delights.

hospitality digital workplace solutions
hospitality digital workplace solutions

Continuous improvement for better profitability

The right approach to digital transformation will control costs, and improve efficiency and productivity, as well as improving experience for all involved, both guests and staff. Provided the integrated solutions are chosen by taking a holistic view that keeps business objectives front and centre, and the change management is on point, there can be no down side to this kind of investment.

And the benefits don’t end with the implementation of seamless tech solutions, either. Using the data captured, continuous improvement can drive further savings, and help provide insight used to balance out resources across the year, evening out the peaks and troughs in demand and revenue that occur with such a seasonal type of business.

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