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The financial sector has already seen high levels of disruption through digitalization and fintech innovation, and the rate of that change is accelerating.

Not only have customer expectations been raised significantly over recent years with an upwards leap in consumer tech experiences, but adjustments in the regulatory landscape and the introduction of new tech-led solutions – from open banking to automated trading engines – have all but shifted the industry on its axis.

financial services digital workplace solutions

Integrated tech: for maximum benefit to the bottom line

It’s safe to say that traditional sector rules and value propositions now remain firmly in the past. In the 21st century economy, businesses are having to digitally evolve to remain competitive, including those in retail banking, capital markets, wealth management, commercial banking, diversified lending, cards and payments, and insurance.
Naturally, these segments all require a nuanced approach, but what is common to all is the need for integrated cutting-edge technology. One of the biggest challenges is likely to be addressing the legacy infrastructure, which can so often be an assortment of different systems, platforms, software and tools, procured separately as different departments often work in silos while each seeks for the discrete tech that suits their particular needs. An integrated, holistic approach is the way forward.

financial services digital workplace solutions
financial services digital workplace solutions

Seamless transitions between the digital and physical

Today’s consumer is well-used to technology in their daily lives; it just works without fuss. The same intuitive experience is already being provided by some parts of the financial sector, and they’re reaping the rewards. Customer-facing technology must be a key focus across hybrid environments for commercial banks in particular, as the mobile-centric customer experience gains even more popularity.

The future of high street banking may be that branches evolving to become more like flexible working spaces, where customers can not only bank but do work, meet colleagues, and have coffee. In these new spaces the physical and digital experiences must be as seamless as possible, with systems that offer flexibility and are device agnostic.

Future-proofing profitability through better agility and resilience

Creating a frictionless experience between the virtual and the physical is of utmost importance across the estates of all kinds of financial services businesses, in fact. With the future workforce promising to be made up of people working from home, from regional hotdesks, and from the more traditional headquarters setup – according to role requirement and preference, which supports the attraction and retention of the best talent – new ways of working must be embraced to maintain a competitive edge.

The emphasis should not just be on communication and collaboration for productivity and efficiency, but also to nurture talent, and facilitate a positive, inclusive company culture – to help maintain an agility and resilience that will safeguard the organisation through the inevitable peaks and troughs of the economic cycle.

financial services digital workplace solutions

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