With our in-depth technical knowledge and in-house programming capabilities our bespoke turnkey solutions offer maximum benefits with minimum disruption, and for this reason we often maintain continuing relationships with our clients, delivering ongoing maintenance and support long after the initial design and delivery phases.
education digital solutions aura futures

Enriching the campus experience

With the vast majority of students being digital natives, as well as the proliferation of intuitive, life-enhancing technology in our daily lives, it’s never been more important to seamlessly integrate the physical campus with the digital world. The benefit isn’t just meeting the growing expectations of today’s higher education cohorts, but also improving efficiency, efficacy and communications across both the campus and the institution itself. The right combination of technology can help create collaborative spaces which encourage student engagement, knowledge sharing and innovation, and it can ensure flexibility within those spaces to meet different styles of teaching and learning. It can even help overcome spatial challenges where there are restrictions such as Listed status.

education digital workplace solutions aura futures
education digital workplace solutions aura futures

Extending market reach with remote learning

Our global reach makes us the perfect partner for HE and training providers looking to expand internationally with physical campuses, but such growth can also be achieved with distance learning offerings, facilitated by our hybrid learning technologies.
Whether the requirement is for specialist workstations, such as those required in medical subjects, or more conventional lecture theatre or tutorial spaces, we specialise in technology that brings people together – whether they’re thousands of miles away or simply in another part of the campus – while ensuring an equitable experience for remote and in-person attendees.
Properly immersive distance learning is now possible, thanks to virtual classrooms with high-definition, bi-directional audio-visual capabilities, and a host of collaboration tools. It’s even possible for tutors to pick up on visual clues and conduct individual conversations, enabling them to encourage better engagement and understanding in much the same way as when teaching in person.

Invest in the future with a digital campus

The development of these secure, flexible, tech-enabled classroom environments has opened up the world of education, offering greater resilience and agility to higher education providers and enterprise training facilities alike. With the opportunity to deliver courses to learners anywhere in the world, the commercial possibilities are appealing; expansion is achievable without raising real estate and facilities management costs. It’s also possible to consolidate physical spaces for a leaner, more cost-effective operation. In today’s educational market, where students are often digital natives, not only does this type of digital transformation deliver operation efficiency, but it becomes an essential part of the competitive edge. A digital campus is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an essential part of future-proofing an educational establishment, to ensure it is worthy of future students’ investment.

education digital workplace solutions aura futures

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