Victoria and Albert Museum

Interactive displays – interactive ticketing solution

As part of an ambitious Exhibition Road entrance redesign, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) turned to Aura to fulfil its vision of a large-scale videowall and ticketing desk.

Victoria and Albert Museum case study

Digital Ticketing System

Victoria and Albert Museum case study

Videowall with Independent Touchscreens

Victoria and Albert Museum case study

Content Management

Business Challenge

As part of a £55m redevelopment of the V&A’s Exhibition Road Quarter, a new entrance would be expected to welcome up to half the Museum’s 3.4 million annual visitors. With such expansion, a cutting-edge digital ticketing solution was required to support the V&A’s world-class exhibition programme – and it had to uphold the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality, befitting the Museum’s status as a leading authority on design since 1852.

Victoria and Albert Museum case study
Victoria and Albert Museum case study

Aura Solution

Designed at a scale to suit the room volume, as well as to catch the eye of the visitor as soon as they step over the threshold into Blavatnik Hall, the giant videowall measures just under 10m long and 70cm tall.

The screens are mounted behind protective glass which has interactive touch film applied, while each alternating touchscreen runs on a different frequency, to avoid interference between customers inputting data adjacent to each other. A 45-degree angle ensures the best possible accessibility for all users.

It features eight consecutive 55” screens supported by a custom-made wall-mounted housing, which makes the massive array appear as if it were floating effortlessly in the air.
Equipped with a chip and pin reader and a printer, each display can be operated as an individual vending screen – enabling customers to purchase either print or e-tickets for specific exhibitions or events on the same day, or in the future. Also, the array can run in unison, displaying video content and promotional material along its full length
Victoria and Albert Museum case study
Victoria and Albert Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum

“The installation’s sleek lines would avoid detracting from the interior architecture of the Grade I Listed building, while the videowall’s imposing size was intended to suit the proportions of the newly named Blavatnik Hall.”

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