Société Générale

Hybrid working solutions – controlling costs and increasing productivity

Following a transformation which reduced cost per desk by 33%, Société Générale was simultaneously able to achieve a significant improvement in employee wellbeing and productivity

Société Générale case study

Occupancy sensors on all desks, rooms and pods

Société Générale case study

Reception & Guest Management

Société Générale case study

Custom ‘Connected Employee’ App

Business Challenge

A relocation from their three existing UK addresses to a single new premises at One Bank Street, Canary Wharf, gave Société Générale the perfect opportunity to rethink how their workspaces could better support employee wellbeing and productivity, while using space and budgets more efficiently.

The focus for the transformation was on optimising the digital and physical working environments to improve collaboration, communication and efficiency. Moving from a fixed to a flexible workspace model, to suit evolving work styles and enable employees to ‘work smarter’, required the adoption of a variety of digital media solutions, for better connection and engagement.

Société Générale case study
Innovation and digital transformation were strategic priorities for Société Générale.
Société Générale case study

Aura Solution

With a remit to ease workflows by making the process of booking meeting rooms and other co-working spaces quick and easy, Aura implemented a system that would do just this, as well as offer invaluable data capture and analytics, to aid Société Générale’s future real estate decision-making.

A network of occupancy sensors on all desks, rooms and pods was installed, with an intuitive multi-lingual system enabling staff to easily see real-time availability, and book spaces for immediate and future use.

In addition, a custom app was created, to improve staff engagement and streamline internal communications – real-time communications are sent to employees’ mobile devices, ensuring they have all the up-to-date information they need to fulfil their roles in an optimal way.

Société Générale
Société Générale
Société Générale

“Naturally, being one of the largest financial services groups in Europe, we required this tool to comply with the most stringent security and data protection standards, and Aura’s solution fulfilled this requirement robustly.”

Société Générale

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