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Scania case study

Enhanced Corporate Communications

Scania case study

Digital Signage Displays

Scania case study

120 End Points

Business Challenge

World-leading provider of transport solutions, Scania is leading the charge in the provision of sustainable transport solutions, redefining its competitive advantage in the context of electrification, and as part of that drive is embracing the potential of innovation across every aspect of its business. Explicitly placing internal and external communications as central to success in spreading their vision of a fossil-free transport system, Scania chose Aura to support their corporate communications enhancement strategy.

Scania case study
Scania case study

Aura Solution

Aura was tasked with the design, specification and installation of a digital signage system that would not only streamline the processes involved in corporate communications, but would also improve accessibility of information and a sense of inclusivity for all staff.

With the aim of increasing productivity through a greater understanding and sense of the brand’s mission, the new system was created so that consistent and relevant business messaging could be disseminated across all 1,700 UK employees. This included live business data, live TV, company updates, important announcements, and animated videos which were created to engage and instruct. There was a requirement to be able to broadcast pre-recorded media files, internet feeds, live TV and social media feeds.

With 120 end points across 50 sites in the UK – the digital corporate communications system was designed to enable the brand’s internal communications team to push out messaging in a consistent, highly visible manner to all sites simultaneously, at the touch of a button.

“Continuous innovation marks the success for Scania who are now able to provide their employees with streamlined corporate communications.”

Adam Wilson, Chief Sales Officer

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