Hybrid working solutions – taking a people-centric approach to workspace experience

When COVID-19 forced a new way of working for the organisation’s 2,500 staff, Saga took the opportunity to reimagine their workspace, with an emphasis on facilitating collaboration and further improving employee experience

SAGA case study

Cutting-edge AV technology Improved internal communications

SAGA case study

Collaboration and productivity

SAGA case study

Employee empowerment through hybrid working

Business Challenge

Like most businesses, Saga, a British company travel, insurance and financial services company was forced to shut its doors during the lockdown in 2020, and all the staff had to transition to fully remote working. The organisation soon realised that this (forced) experiment had a positive outcome on the business and its employees, and presented an opportunity for a change of a working model – the creation of an environment that would enable agile working, with seamless physical and virtual collaboration, and empower their staff to work from anywhere. This pause gave Saga the perfect opportunity to rethink and optimise their estate capacity, reimagining the building as a modern working environment with lots of open spaces, collaboration areas, and a flagship large meeting space for company’s functions.

The aim was to make the headquarters building a draw to colleagues’ post-pandemic, encouraging them to return to the office for collaboration and training – while still offering the flexibility of remote working.

SAGA case study
SAGA case study

Aura Solution

Aura helped with the new workspace design which saw the creation of collaborative spaces spread across three floors including a sizeable auditorium on the ground floor, where up to 150 people can be accommodated, which makes it ideal for company presentations and get-togethers – a huge full-HD LED videowall creates maximum impact, offering immersive sound and vision during events.

The digital workspace has been integrated into the physical one, so that the experience of the working day is seamless – this was a key objective in the project, so employees were freed up to focus on their specific objectives rather than tackling niggles and speedbumps. Whether they are in the office or working remotely, staff can collaborate easily.

26 collaborative spaces created including small, medium and large meeting rooms, office areas and an auditorium for company presentations with a bespoke video wall designed for maximum impact.

Business Outcome

Aura’s tech solution has not only offered a future-proofed space where the technology can adapt and refine according to business need, but the organisation’s brain trust has also been protected. By taking a people-centric approach, giving staff the choice and ability to work just as effectively wherever they are, not only means that their output will remain high in terms of quality and productivity, but that element of choice helps engender a positive culture and ensure high staff retention rates.

SAGA case study

“Aura really understood the journey we were on, the scope of the project, and just how critical it would be to the future of our business. The client-supplier relationship was excellent, thanks in no small part to the consultative approach taken – Aura was happy to work alongside our team no matter the direction we took, or how much we changed our minds as the workspace strategy necessarily evolved. That partnership over the long term, supporting changing business need, and guiding us in the right direction by providing specialist expertise, is invaluable.”

Ray Brown, Head of Technology Operations, Saga

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