Managed Print Services

Paperless offices are not a new concept, in fact the phrase has been around since the 1960s, with the advent of the first computers in the workplace. However, for decades it’s just not been a feasible reality. Until now. Thanks to technological innovation, it’s possible to become a paper-lite organisation, saving significant quantities of resources, which in turn reduces both costs and carbon footprint.
Managed Print Services

Print less, automate more

Documents are printed so that knowledge can be absorbed and shared in a traditional manner, but there’s now a better way to do this. It’s easier, cheaper, more sustainable, and more suitable for sharing information across a dispersed workforce. Printing less can unlock your organisation’s ability to do more.

By streamlining workflows and improving processes for paper-based documents, businesses can improve productivity. There’s no need for users to spend their time (or the IT helpdesk’s time) linking up with a different printer every time they want to print in a different location, or from a different device, plus if a printer is busy or out of service they can simply choose the next nearest. With common printing niggles out of the equation, staff are free to continue their working day uninterrupted, more efficiently and in a more focused way.


Cut resource use, cut costs

By creating rules to guide users’ behaviour – perhaps limiting them to black and white, or enforcing two-sided printing – print volumes can be reduced significantly. The need to release a print job from the printer, rather than the user’s device, also keeps wastage lower by removing the likelihood of documents being printed but never collected.

Reducing the use of resources including ink, paper and electricity in this way means lower running costs – and of course by consolidating your printer fleet (perfectly possible with a more efficient print environment) there are cost savings there, too. With a new, user-friendly efficient system in place, it may also reduce overheads (and free up square footage) by removing the need for a print room, as well as reduce the time required to manage the printing environment.


Managed print is a win-win

Despite the reduction in cost, and a reduced environmental impact, there’s no compromise on function. The quality, speed and finishing capabilities of the print fleet are in fact improved when a managed print solution is implemented, while reliability increases, since maintenance procedures and software updates are handled effectively and on time.

Additionally, with the dependable data gleaned by the system, it’s possible to implement continuous improvement processes in order to refine your print strategy further. You can identify cost savings per device, department or even per user – and print costs can be recovered from a departmental or client budget. With this sort of accurate reporting, business decisions can be made based on facts and figures, rather than hunches and guesses.


Safe & secure

The right processes can also reduce document and print-related network vulnerabilities, which is critical in the light of industry regulations and of course the latest GDPR requirements.

Our service model ensures that hardware and software is always up to date, to avoid making it easy for hackers to infiltrate your network, while on-site data security is also improved by the fact that a user must release the print job at the printer, avoiding the risks associated with uncollected documents. The latter fact also helps to ensure a better employee experience when handling confidential information, as they no longer have to anxiously dash to the printer when they click ‘print’ on a sensitive document.

Importantly, with a managed print system you have a full audit trail available whenever you need it, for peace of mind, as well as regulatory compliance.


One size does not fit all

Thanks to our many solid partnerships across the print and document management industry, and our agnostic mindset, we’re in a position to find the right solution for any organisation, whatever their size, sector or IT set-up. From embedding software and maintaining your devices and systems, through to training your staff, providing service support and remotely monitoring your consumables and usage, we take care of everything, making it easy to save money, resources and time relating to your print environment.

For an initial workflow assessment and managed print audit – the basis of a cost and volume analysis to ascertain potential savings – contact our team today, and find out how much you can print less, to do more.

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