An inside view: International Women’s Day

An inside view: International Women’s Day by Shweta Siwakoti

On International Women’s Day, I think about the incredible strength women have. In the workplace, most women have their own stories of struggle, but over the years, it has been a wonderful thing to witness women conquering countless challenges and breaking through the glass ceiling.

The women I work with have inspired me so much. I am in total awe of our collective inner strength!

Working at Aura as a customer media support representative helped me in my professional and personal development, which are intertwined. It’s not about doing something just for the job; it’s about growing as a person and making sure my growth aligns with the opportunities that are most attractive to me.

I feel very happy that my efforts in the workplace are rewarded with the same measure of respect and compensation, irrespective of gender. I have always been tech-savvy, but sometimes, I felt like the IT industry was a ‘men-only’ club. However, when I joined Aura, I was proven wrong. A career in technology is not about gender; it is about your knowledge, experiences, and results. Much research proves that only diverse teams can be productive in a volatile and unpredictable world.

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