Aura Approach

We bring the frictionless experience of consumer technology to the world of work – bringing better business outcomes to organisations in a wide variety of sectors.
Aura Approach

Tech-enabled environments for optimal operations

Our comprehensive workspace evaluation dives deep into your working environment, including any digital communication platforms that provide your customers with information. We take a holistic view, appraising the physical, technological and emotional needs of your organisation, before creating a bespoke digital transformation blueprint that supports your business in fulfilling its potential for greater agility, greater productivity and greater profitability.

Connecting people, places, and data

We offer all the necessary expertise to ensure all your technology is configured, integrated and secure, providing a seamless user experience and optimal tech-enabled workspace, to realise the full potential of your investments. As an independent provider, we carefully select best-in-class solutions that are tailor made for your organisation.

Reimagining workspace futures, today

We challenge the old norms and provide extensive project management and training to support your employees, ensuring any new technology is fully adopted within the organisation. Through user marketing, behaviour changing gamification, analytics and process re-engineering, we provide the tools necessary to drive optimum outcomes.

The freedom to focus on your objectives

We source, install and integrate all workspace technology for your organisation. We want to make a difference. We care that your new systems work optimally, and deliver the best experience for your teams and your customers now and in the future. This consistent delivery and support across your business drives greater productivity as we measure, maintain and optimise all your technology and workflows.

Creating seamless workspace experiences

Aura is the essential atmosphere that encompasses and embodies the workspace, making everything and everyone work seamlessly together. We blend the best that technology has to offer with a first-class service, so you can focus on what matters most to your organisation. We transform the interplay between technology and people in your business, which improves the overall wellness of your employees and productivity of your teams, whilst enhancing the user experience and generating significant savings to your bottom line.

We are the first to bring previously fragmented services and technologies together under a single banner, underpinned by an as-a-service capability. This unique offering is designed to bring the frictionless experience of technology enjoyed by consumers, to the workplace – or, more accurately, to the workspace; in the rapidly evolving world of technology, work can take place in any number of locations, equally if not more effectively, with the right solutions in place.

Future Thinking

Hear from the experts who are helping to shape the future of the workspace.