Aura is the essential atmosphere that encompasses and embodies the workspace, making everything and everyone work seamlessly together.

We are a blend of entrepreneurs and ex-FTSE 100 executives who understand the changes in modern working. We can see the need for a holistic, user focused approach to creating effective technology & process solutions for businesses, reimagining the workspace to create a seamless tech experience.

Together we will reimagine, transform and deliver the workspace of tomorrow.

By keeping our fingers on the pulse of technology, we are able to reimagine your workspace future.

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It fuels progress, solves problems and accelerates opportunities that can transform businesses.

Changes in behaviour and technology are transforming the workspace. The rapid pace of digital transformation is affecting how people work, live and connect. As the business landscape evolves so must we.


There is a generational shift in the workforce as over half of all employees are Millennials and Gen Z. These generations have grown up experiencing seamless connectivity at home, and have come to expect to do things with similar ease at work. Along with this attitudinal change, people are also spending over 65% of their working day collaborating and communicating with others, and expect this to work simply and effectively.


Ways of working have evolved; mobile and home working coupled with cloud-based solutions and global collaboration tools means employees are now seeking better work life balance, and are not constrained to physical buildings, set hours, company structures or extensive business travel. With smartphone and tablet usage exceeding that of desktop computers, working patterns are becoming more flexible, with employees expecting to make any space a workspace.


With 3 billion people in paid employment, 190 million companies worldwide and ‘bricks and mortar’ retail still worth a staggering $3.5 trillion, businesses must step change their communication strategies. Humans retain around 12 distinct memories per day so businesses must cut through with their messaging, sharing concise and compelling information and creating immersive multi-sensorial experiences. In a socially connected world, communication is the lifeblood of audiences everywhere.


With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every single day, businesses must look to remove friction from within the organisation; digitizing workflows, utilising collaboration solutions and acquiring the right technology can offer significant competitive advantages. In addition, with 60% of employees stating they have not been shown how to use technology effectively, engaging the workforce requires an investment of time and resources as part of a change management programme.


Our comprehensive workspace assessment dives deep into your working environment, including your digital communication platforms with your customers. We assess both the physical, technological and emotional needs of the organisation by challenging and inspiring you, before creating a detailed digital transformation blueprint bespoke to you.


We provide the expertise to ensure all your technology is configured, integrated and secure, providing a seamless user experience and optimal workspace, to realise the full potential of your investments. As an independent provider, we carefully select best-in-class solutions that are tailor made for your organisation.


We challenge the norm and provide extensive project management and training to support your employees, ensuring any new technology is fully adopted within the organisation. Through user marketing, behaviour changing gamification, analytics and process re-engineering, we provide the tools necessary to drive optimum outcomes.


We source, install and integrate all workspace technology for your organisation. We care that it works and that it delivers the best experience for your teams and your customers. This consistent delivery and support across your business drives greater productivity as we measure, maintain and optimise all your technology and workflows.

We are helping organisations to become paper-lite, modernising their technology and their thinking. As leading consultants in our field, our approach is to apply strategy to the whole print environment, providing print technology and automation solutions that are tailored to your needs.
  • Fully managed print solutions
  • Customer portal
  • Mobile, secure & wireless printing
  • Print, copy & scanning hardware
  • Cloud printing solutions
  • Gamification technology
Aura creates bespoke, end-to-end digital media solutions, to fulfil your communication needs. Integrated unified communications and interactive touch screen technology can transform any meeting room, lecture theatre or boardroom into a fully collaborative, digital workspace. When properly integrated with other Aura workspace solutions, these changes can empower workforces to work more productively across any organisation.
  • Audio, web & video conference
  • Huddle & collaboration space
  • Collaboration & file sharing
  • Enterprise workspace consultancy
  • Room booking systems
  • United comms
Aura is helping clients in the retail space mesh multi-sensorial in-store experience with powerful digital tools to provide a seamless end-to-end experience for our client’s customers. By focusing on the end-user, we ensure our clients offer better services that result in happier, more loyal customers.
  • Video walls
  • Display screens
  • Content distribution
  • Shelf edged display
  • Digital signage
  • Software solutions
We provide extensive training and support to your employees to ensure that the technology is adopted properly within the organisation. Through user marketing, gamification, analytics and process re-engineering we provide the tools necessary to change internal behaviours.
  • User marketing
  • Analytics
  • Product training
  • Gamification
  • Process re-engineering
  • Bespoke solutions
We believe in partnering with you to understand, improve and optimise your working environment. Through assessment, design, integration and management we are working alongside you to deliver bespoke solutions that will have a transformational impact on your organisation.
  • Consultancy
  • Redesigning workspaces
  • Ongoing management and support
  • Workplace assessments
  • ‘Agile working’ technology solutions
  • Automation and workflows
  • Reduced thetotal number of printers by 13%
  • Reduction in overall print spend
  • Employing Papercut software with printing rules, all printers put in place were upgraded and networked to be as secure as possible.
“We already had a managed print solution in place, but we were looking to push the cost savings and technology innovation further than ever before. The tender process helped us see what else might be possible, opening our eyes to how much more could be achieved with the right partner.”

Lee Smith, Head of Technology & Innovation

  • Improved print security with ‘FollowME’ software
  • Entire fleet was upgraded delivering improved quality, speedand finishing capability
  • Billing was centralised on a‘cost-per-impact’ basis
“The strategic sourcing exercise was designed to deliver the maximum possible savings to HCA. The commercial proposal provided us with the best all round value and we were very pleased with the way the transition programme was implemented.”

Director of Purchasing andMaterials Management

  • Complete IPTV and Digital signage for the stadium and training ground
  • 182 screens ranging from 7” to 95” supplied with ongoing support
  • 21 outdoor cameras installed at the training ground for live player analysis
“…they were excellent in the process and it became a collaboration really, because we as a club had the idea and they wanted to drive it forward, so they were able to support that with a high level of technological ability and bring all the aspects together that we see today which is a fabulous solution..”

Southampton Football Club

  • Proactive account management delivered by dedicated support team with access to remote monitoring capability.
  • Annual cost savings of 20% with increased volumes of colour printing.
  • Vastly improved equipment reliability and “superb” quality of customer service.
“We have saved a lot of money, but the most impressive thing so far has been a high level of service and attention to detail. Our expectations were definitely exceeded and a high benchmark was set for anyone else to beat.”

Print Room Manager

  • 10m Long videowall comprising 55” screens
  • Videowall supports independent touch
  • Visitors can learn more about exhibitions or events and purchase tickets on screen
“Intevi (Aura) have once again proven to be a leading partner in both execution craftsmanship, guidance to the customer and vision when it comes to creating a very impactful yet useful dynamic digital signage solution.”

GM EMEA & VP Marketing Global of supply partner, Scala

Alpesh Unalkat Chief Executive Officer

Alpesh is an entrepreneur and was a partner of a business that was acquired by Capita in 2011. He subsequently became CEO of Capita Workplace Technology and led the growth and transformation of the business, diversifying its capability from being a print-centric business to a wider technology and services company.

Sajan Shivshanker Chief Operating Officer

Sajan has over 18 years of FTSE 100 company experience, running technology-led operations and large-scale transformation.

Steven Hallissey Chief Financial Officer

Steven qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1999 and has held FD roles in the technology market with organisations such as Lexmark and other large independent office technology specialists.

Adam Wilson Chief Sales Officer - Collaboration

Adam co-founded Intevi in 2011. With over 15 years’ experience, he previously worked as Global Sales Director for industry integrators, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to help his clients visually engage with their audience.

Martyn Kidd Chief Commercial Officer

Martyn has been Managing Director at Karlson for the last 17 years, before which he held senior roles at Konica and Danka.

Tom Scott Chief Technology Officer

Tom co-founded Intevi in 2011, having spent 5 years at AMX following the sale of his previous business, Endeleo. He has had a varied career working across many market sectors.

Stephen Todd Chief Sales Officer - Workflow/MPS

Stephen co-founded GlobalServe after working with several well known IT services companies. In 2008 he joined Karlson and headed up the strategy, marketing, channel side of the business and has been very close to a number of the significant customers wins over the past 10 years.

Stuart Beere Director of M&A / Integration

Stuart is a Chartered Accountant and has worked for Deloitte LLP for 9 years, the last four in Corporate Finance and M&A. He has advised a variety of owner managed businesses, private equity and large corporates on acquisitions, disposals and other key strategic initiatives.


Collaboration is at the heart of how we operate. We aim to build trusted partnerships with our clients, not just provide a service. We start by asking the right questions: probing & challenging to find optimal solutions, tailored to each client. We are diligent in delivery of those solutions and we remain committed to being proactive and supportive throughout the entire relationship.


As thought-leaders in our field and with a depth and breadth to our services, we are the right partner for you, using our expert knowledge to reimagine the way technology can seamlessly enhance your organisation for the better. Progressive in our approach, we are constantly learning and innovating, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, motivating clients to realise their full potential.


It is of the utmost importance to us that we remain transparent and act in an ethical and sustainable manner. As trusted advisors, we always put your needs first, striving for excellence in everything we do. Through teamwork, togetherness and respect for one another, we aspire for our partnership with you to grow from strength to strength.

At Aura we do things differently. Watch our video to find out more.

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